Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome to Kel Computers

We deliver to your office and your home the best of traditional and emerging computer technology solutions. When it comes to computers technology issues of any sort, our team has been there and done that and won client satisfactions for their solutions.
Our strategy ensures that you are always talking to an engineer in the know when it comes to computer issues of any sort.
Kel Computers is one of the finest computer repairs shop in Ottawa, Canada. KEL Computers offers quick and reliable computer service and repair at a reasonable price, furthermore receive free phone advice about your computer problem and any other questions that you may have.
No need to haul your desktop, laptop, or notebook computer to a computer repair shop every time it needs service or repair & to wait a week or more to get it back. KEL Computers will come directly to your home or office and solve your computer problem right on the spot. 
A brand new world is emerging with a new millennium. The unprecedented sophistication brought about by the explosion of information technology and innovation has opened up unlimited possibilities that challenges every imaginative mind. A dynamic and instant global connectivity has revolutionized communication and brought people closer.The world is no longer as we perceive it. it has evolved to become more personal and intimate. information exchange and goods transaction between continents take place in minutes. traveling from New York to Tokyo will only be matter of few hours.Consumers realize that technology has empowered them with the means to demand better and faster access to products, services and information. 1st Approach is a strategic solutions provider specializing in turning ideas into results.
Our clients are always 'sitting at the front of the class' and know that they need an experienced partner to bring them to the next level. Most companies rush into campaigns without proper planning - and that's why most marketing efforts fail to pay for themselves.

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